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Looking for excitement! La Puta is ready to whisk you away with its sensual and ‘juicy’ blackberry flavour. The blackmint provides some cooling in this intense mix.

Just imagine, a luxurious, sunny holiday resort, sitting at the bar sipping a delicious, thirst-quenching strawberry & lime cocktail. Another one, please!

If you love big adventures, then Plomo is the one for you! A strong, fruit-tastic combination of peach and lime with a surprising twist!

Straight from the underworld, this devilish mix has long remained a secret. Exotic aromas such as mangosteen & lychee, mixed with daring flavours like anise & eucalyptus make El Diablo a truly extraordinary taste experience.

Tranquilo, tranquilo! Take it easy, chill-out and relax, take a sip of your green tea. Forget all your worries with spicy ginger & cactus.

Powerful peach, strawberry and lime aromas. An unrivalled explosion of delicious flavours! The bubblegum sugar rush will definitely make your head explode.

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